Blue Sparrow

Founded in 2016, Blue Sparrow is a food truck that collaborates with local coffee shops and breweries around Pittsburgh in addition to participating in festivals and events. We have been operating out of one food truck, but due to the amount of success and support we have received, we're expanding our fleet with a vintage Greyhound bus. We are looking to purchase kitchen equipment and a tap system to outfit this second vehicle!

The Blue Sparrow food truck was founded in 2016. I started with a scratch food concept, built upon the idea of quality ingredients, small menus and great customer interaction. The dishes are called Global Street Food, ranging from fusion Korean cuisine to unique takes on the classic street cart dishes we all love like gyros and banh mi. Basically, that is a fancy way to say I cook a little bit of everything. Nothing gives me greater joy than taking local ingredients, fusing it with cultures from around the world and then getting to present that dish to the customer in front of me. Seeing their reaction as they receive the food I have created is why I do what I do.

It is from this mindset of wanting to be a part of the community that gave birth to the next evolutionary step for Blue Sparrow: I have purchased and started renovating a 1956 Greyhound bus to not only become the second vehicle in the Blue Sparrow fleet, but to be able to do something that is entirely new on the food truck scene. What I am doing is putting two entirely separate kitchens into one bus along with a full tap system.


Why two kitchens? Because having two kitchens not only will enable me to do special events like weddings where multiple dishes are required, having each dish going out separate windows; but I will be able to do collaborations with other chefs in a way that has never been possible on the road before.

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