Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds

Great deals to support even greater businesses

A new way to support local businesses

Small businesses are facing an unprecedented crunch in the face of COVID-19. By purchasing a loyalty bond, you can support the recovery of local businesses in your neighborhood beyond a one-time gift card or takeout.


A Honeycomb loyalty bond is a great deal for you to grow your shopping funds while giving small businesses a boost of energy on their road to recovery. Buy a loyalty bond to create impact now, and earn 1.3x on gift cards to treat yourself in the next 2 years.

Why loyalty bonds

Immediate community impact

Show your long term commitment to small businesses you care about.

Earn 1.3x on your loyalty bond

If you buy $100 in loyalty bonds, you will receive $130 in gift cards across 2 years.

Maturing gift cards every 6 months

Gift cards mature every 6 months, so you'll get to treat yourself every season.

Loyalty bonds start at $50

For as little as $50, you can help a small business now and earn gift cards for the future.

Loyalty bonds from all types of businesses

Check out all of the other participating local businesses in our full Loyalty Bonds marketplace!


Explore the Loyalty Bonds marketplace

Treat yourself or a loved one with loyalty bonds starting at $50 and get some great deals from even greater businesses.

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