Go Buddha Meals

Level up your customers with Honeycomb

We've got the secret sauce for crowdfunding

Josh of Go Buddha was featured on Story of a Brand and raised $61,000+ on Honeycomb to expand nationally

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Fund the next step of your business

Raise $15,000 to $500,000+ to take your business to the next level of explosive growth. If you can dream it, you can fund it on Honeycomb.

Community buzz meets community capital

Grow your business with local dollars and excitement from your customers, fans, and community.

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Strengthen your customer relationships

Turn your customers into brand advocates for the next 3-5 years and beyond. When you run a Honeycomb campaign, you level up your customers.

Add some honey to your money

Meet some of the rockstar small businesses in the Honeycomb community


$49,700 to buy an ice cream truck

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$107,000 to refinance high interest debt

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$96,450 to buy a liquor license

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$250,000 to move to a bigger space


$33,658 for a restaurant rebrand

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$46,750 to open a bakery storefront

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$30,000 to buy a mobile food trailer


$150,000 for a brewery expansion

We've built the toolkit for crowdfunding success

There's a reason why 83% of businesses that crowdfund on Honeycomb succeed, as compared to the 22% industry average—and this success translates into higher revenue, more buzz, and happier customers for years to come.


crowdfunding success rate


press mentions per campaign


average revenue increase


# of Yelp and Google Reviews

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