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Honeycomb Comeback Loans

Crowdfunded small business loans for entrepreneurs leading the restaurant revitalization movement

Ian of Leavened opened his dream bakery during COVID with investments from 57 Clevelanders

Lead the charge for restaurant revitalization

Where others see distress, you see potential. Instead of empty storefronts or closed businesses, you see a bustling opening night and the opportunity to breathe new life into a shuttered space.


Be the first in your neighborhood to reopen as restrictions lift. Put your knowledge and skills to action and achieve your restaurant dream.

Assemble your mise en place and get the burners going

Now is the time to get cooking on your restaurant dream. You’ve got the game plan and the talent—now all you need is some dough to make it happen. 

A Honeycomb crowdfunded loan helps you bring back your crew and fund your opening: working capital, equipment, build-outs, marketing, and more!


Have your customers lined up out the door

Your community is hungry for your next restaurant venture. Give your customers a chance to invest in your success and fund the resurgence of the neighborhoods that you hold so dearly.



Once invested, they’ll be lining up out the door from day one and keep coming back for seconds.

Comeback Loans

Honeycomb Crowdfunded Comeback Loans are for entrepreneurs and operators leading the restaurant revitalization movement by opening a new concept or reopening a closed business out of the pandemic.


  • Raise $15,000 to $500,000+

  • 7-10% interest rates

  • 3-5 year terms

  • Streamlined due diligence

  • Campaign approval in 48 hours of completed application

  • Interest-only period available for restaurant buildouts


  • You've been the owner, GM, or chef/operator of a small business for the past 3+ years

  • The business operated for the entirety of 2019 and was profitable

  • Historical financials can be produced, even if a new business is being opened

  • No delinquencies on debt obligations on a current or past business

  • No bankruptcies in the past 3 years

  • Your business has/had a social media following of 2,500+

  • Use of funds cannot be to repay debt from previous business

  • Ability to put a lien on the business

You're in good company

Meet some of the rockstar restaurant entrepreneurs in the Honeycomb community


$150,000 for James Beard-nominated pizzeria


$30,675 to hire cafe employees

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$250,000 to move to a bigger restaurant space


$33,658 for a restaurant rebrand

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$107,000 to open a second location

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$46,750 to open a bakery storefront

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$56,655 to open wine shop & larder

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$90,450 to buy a restaurant liquor license

Money in the bank in as little as 30 days


Submit your application. Here's what to expect.


Run your campaign with a crowdfunding coach in your corner.


Grow your business and make monthly payments to your biggest supporters.

Get started with your campaign!

First, can you introduce your restaurant concept to us?


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