Clarion River Organics

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Clarion River Organics Clarion River Organics has been providing marketing and distribution services for horse-powered family farms since 2009.  Today, Clarion River Organics (CRO) works with 18 family farms work together in the Clarion River Watershed in Western Pennsylvania. All farms are certified organic and strive to maintain healthy soils as their main means of pest and disease control. CRO believes this benefits their families' health, the farms' health and the health of the watershed. Since they have multiple farms working together they are able to offer a wide selection of produce over an extended season.


All of the CRO member farms are family owned and operated.  Most of the families are Amish and all of them practice horse farming.  By using horse farming and ice houses for much of their storage, these farms produce abundantly while using a smaller amount of fuels and electricity.


All of Clarion River Organics' farmers share a philosophy of caring for the soil to keep it "living," and they want to keep their sales local.  For both of these reasons our farmers are doing their part to care for the Earth while making a living doing what they love.