Honeycomb Credit is launching in Erie 

The best platform for raising community capital is now live in Erie. We're looking for up to 10 small businesses that are looking to raise capital from their community and the network of existing Honeycomb investors. If you own a small business in the greater Erie area and are looking to grow in 2020 with a community-funded loan of up to $107,000 apply to join our first-ever Erie Cohort.

Why Honeycomb Credit? 

Pay your neighbors, not Wall Street.

Honeycomb Credit allows small business owners to raise community capital to refinance high-interest loans from lenders like Kabbage and Square Capital, buy new equipment, or hire staff. By leveraging your best customers, you can lower monthly payments, and keep money in your neighborhood, not in some mega-bank.

Activate Your Network

Entrepreneurs love our platform because it allows your fans, friends, and family all to become investors in your business, turning them into lifelong champions with a vested interest in your success.

Capital to Grow in 60 Days

Running a crowd financing campaign on Honeycomb is simple and a great way to engage your audience. Before launching your campaign, our dedicated customer success team can take care of complicated paperwork and set your campaign up for success. With an over 85% success rate, we're experts and getting you the capital needed to grow your business.

Why Join our First Erie Cohort?

Honeycomb Pitch Fest

Every member of our cohort will have the opportunity to pitch their business live to a group of potential investors, foodies, bloggers, and other community members who could potentially become investors in your capital campaign.

Free Casual Membership at Radius Coworking

Business owners will have the opportunity to use Radius to take a step away from the day to day of running their shop or restaurant, giving you time to work on your business, not just in it.

Professional Business Video

All Honeycomb businesses get a free campaign video ($300 value) to show off their plans and how your business will grow in 2020.

Training on Crowdfunding and Traditional Business Funding 

Our small business experts will give you guidance on running a successful community capital campaign, and give insights on how businesses can raise capital from larger banks and institutions as your business grows. You'll learn exactly what banks, SBA's, and other lenders look for when making underwriting decisions.

Apply to our first Erie cohort:



What types of businesses qualify?

Any owner-operated, non-franchise small business that is planning on significant growth in 2020.

Do I need to be looking for a loan to be part of the cohort?

No, but extra consideration will be given to businesses that have a project to finance or a debt to refinance. The curriculum and other perks of being part of the cohort can benefit your business regardless of when your next financing needs arise.

Is there a cost to participate?

Nope! That said, if crowdfunding is right for your business and you want to participate in PitchFest, the normal Honeycomb fees apply ($250 Posting Fee and Success Fee).

Where can I learn more before applying?

Just give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any other questions you might have and we look forward to speaking with you.