Pittsburgh Honey

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Pittsburgh Honey is a producer and supplier of pure and local honey and a variety of handcrafted honey and beeswax products including a line of skin and beauty products.

Located on Squirrel Hill’s Murray Avenue, the business is looking to purchase additional hives and equipment in order to expand their honey production to meet growing demand, make initial purchases from other Pittsburgh beekeepers to inaugurate the Pittsburgh Honey Cooperative, and to install additional storefront signage.

Pittsburgh Honey intends to purchase approximately 50-60 “nucs” (the nucleus, or beginnings of a hive system) in order to double their honey production this season. Depending on availability, they may purchase more, noting that each nuc must go into either seasoned or newly prepared woodenwares, which include: hive boxes, internal frames and foundation, as well as ancillary items like queen excluders, covers, bottom boards, feeders and screens.

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