Let's Grow Together

Welcome to Honeycomb.

Together at Honeycomb we are building stronger communities by giving local businesses the opportunity to grow with the help of their most loyal customers!

For the Small Business Owner


Your local business may not qualify for a small business loan from the larger banks, so we provide the capital you need at an affordable rate through a simple, easy to set up, crowdfunding campaign.

Borrowing, made painless.

For the Investor


Investing in businesses in your community has been limited to only the uber-wealthy, until now. You can now diversify your portfolio by making investments in your favorite local shops! 

Investing, made fun again.

Better Serving Your Community

By making it easy for small businesses to get the capital they need, tackling that expansion project is now more tangible than ever before. Adding that new espresso machine or building out a new wood-fired pizza oven gives local business owners the opportunity to serve more people in their community. More people served means more happy customers and more happy customers means a healthier revenue stream.

Benefits for Everyone

Honeycomb provides a clear path for businesses to get the capital they need and for investors to diversify in a fun, new way. There are more benefits, however, that affect the entire community and not just the Honeycomb members involved.

Let's say for example that there are a string of shops in your neighborhood that provide outstanding products and services, but on the face of them they look a little bit run down. What happens if each one of those businesses runs a campaign to brighten up their storefront? Not only do these businesses complete a project that will drive in more customers, but now there is an instant boost in the appearance of the neighborhood and of property values. Sounds like a win-win to me. 

Put Your Money Into Something You Love

Honeycomb is bringing a whole new way of investing to market. Investing in local businesses has been something that previously only the very wealthy could do, but now with our system of bringing individuals and business owners together, you can invest as little as $100 in your favorite neighborhood shop. 

Diversify your investments while you make a difference in your neighborhood. We know you work hard for your money and we also know you want to invest it for the future. So invest in the future of your own bank account and the future of your community. 

Help us make your community better for everyone.

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