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Glass Jars at Little Spark Refill Shop

Your business is bubbling with potential

In only a couple of months since launching, Little Spark Refill Shop (formerly known as Better World Refill Shop) saved 4,000 plastic containers from the landfill.


After her customers began clamoring for more, owner Rachel Regula funded the opening of her second shop using a crowdfunded Honeycomb Credit loan!

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Filled to the brim

As this natural bath, body, and cleaning supply product refill shop’s business boomed, owner Rachel decided it was time to open up a second store, and funded that expansion with a Honeycomb campaign! 

Storefront of Little Spark Refill Shop

Crowdfund like Rachel!

Rachel Regula, owner of Little Spark Refill Shop

I feel the excitement from my ambassadors, it is what's making me want to get this new location done because there are customers that are wanting it. My local investors are my customers already. It just makes it a little bit more exciting when they come in and be a part of that whole process.

— Rachel, founder of Little Spark Refill Shop

toilet cleaning tablets at Little Spark Refill Shop

Crowdfunding makes financing a clean sweep

Little Spark Refill Shop raised $68,1000 from 65 investors to open up their new shop.

Now Rachel is getting her new location ready to go so she can continue setting an example for sustainable businesses throughout the northeast Ohio region!

Honeycomb has built the toolkit for crowdfunding success

There's a reason why 83% of businesses that crowdfund on Honeycomb succeed, as compared to the 22% industry average—and this success translates into 60% higher revenue, more buzz, and happier customers for years to come.

Capital for your small business's next steps

Whether it's a new location, new product, or the equipment you need to grow, get it funded.

Build your business's buzz

A Honeycomb campaign helps you expand your business's audience by telling your story!

On average, Honeycomb campaigns receive 7 press mentions.

What's our secret sauce?

Our unique debt crowdfunding model allows you to fund your business by taking a loan out from your social network. 

Add some honey to your money

Meet some of the rockstar small businesses, like Little Spark Refill Shop, in the Honeycomb community

Small business owners Chad and Lauren Townsend, owners of Millie's Homemade Ice Cream in Pittsburgh, PA

$49,700 to buy an ice cream truck

Keyla Nogueira Cook and Tim Guthrie, owners of Casa Brasil in Pittsburgh, PA, crowdfunded $90,000+ to buy a liquor license

$96,450 to buy a liquor license

Small business owner Sherree Goldstein, owner of Square Cafe and My Goodness in Pittsburgh

$250,000 to move to a bigger space

Jason Ridgel of Guidance Whiskey

$120,000 to grow his whiskey brand

Restaurant owner Pete Tolman of Iron Born Pizza holds detroit-style pizzas in his Pittsburgh restaurant

$107,000 to refinance high interest debt

Clarion River Organics.png

$25,000 to build new greenhouses

Small business owners Candace Maiden and Kurtis Williams stand at a Squash the Beef catering event

$30,000 to buy a mobile food trailer

Brewery owners Doug Foster and Ryan Bove at Aurochs Brewing Company

$150,000 for a brewery expansion

Money in the bank in as little as 30 days


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