Loyalty Bonds

Get the capital that you need today, and keep your community engaged for years to come. 

Raise debt-free capital.

With the current uncertainty around small businesses, we want to create a way for your business to smooth out cash flow without taking on a loan.


We know that businesses that engage their friends and fans through crowdfunding campaigns create more loyal customers, stronger community engagement, and improve their business’ long term health.


A Honeycomb Loyalty Bond allows you to sell gift cards at a discount right now and gives your customer more reasons to return to your business for years to come.

Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds build 

lasting community support.

Stronger customer loyalty

Connect with your fans + thousands of local investors in the Honeycomb network.

Neighborhood marketplace

Crowdfund alongside fellow  local business that are loved in your community.

Quick and easy setup

Get your loyalty bond campaign up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Expert marketing support

Gain access to marketing advice from our team of small business experts.

Business Qualifications

  • At least 1 year of operating history

  • Strong social media and/or email following

  • Physical or online shop that accepts gift cards

  • No credit check or financial review

  • Campaign raise: $1,000 minimum

  • Bond multiple: 1.3x

  • Term: 24 months with 4 disbursements

  • Honeycomb success fee: 6%*

  • Campaign raise: $1,000 minimum

  • Bond multiple: 1.3x

  • Term: 24 months with 4 disbursements

  • Honeycomb success fee: 6%*

Loyalty Bond Campaign

  • Campaign raise: $1,000 minimum

  • Bond multiple: 1.3x

  • Term: 24 months with 4 disbursements

  • Honeycomb success fee: 6%*

* Loyalty Bonds are offered through Honeycomb SMB LLC

How it works


Customer buys a Loyalty Bond

Your fans and the Honeycomb network of local investors will buy Loyalty Bonds to your business on our platform.


They earn 1.3x in gift cards

If a customer buys a $100 Loyalty Bond, they'll receive $130 in gift cards, divided into 4 equal parts across the next 24 months.


They'll come to shop and play

Your loyal customers will come to your business at least 4 times in the future to spend their matured gift cards (and more!).

How do Loyalty Bonds work?

Think of a Loyalty Bond as a “maturing” gift card. A customer can purchase a bond to your business through our crowdfunding platform now, and earn 1.3x that dollar value in gift cards over the course of two years. So six months from now, when the first portion of the bond is “mature”, a gift card will be issued to the customer to spend at your business.

What does the Loyalty Bond campaign look like?

Like our traditional debt campaigns, business owners will engage their best customers and community through the Honeycomb crowdfunding platform. Combined with our robust network of users and our team’s expertise in marketing and community engagement, a Loyalty Bond campaign help secure the long term financial health of your small business.

How will the bonds be fulfilled?

Gift cards will be delivered via emailed redemption codes, depending on the Point of Sale of the business. Physical printed certificates can also be provided by Honeycomb for a small fee.

How much can my customers buy in Loyalty Bonds?

The minimum Loyalty Bond in your business that a customer can buy is $50, and the maximum is capped at $2,000 in a single transaction.

What geographic areas are eligible to apply?

Small businesses anywhere in the United States can apply.

Is this a loan?

No, Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds are gift cards that mature (typically over 2 years). Bond buyers receive the gift cards periodically (typically every 6 months) to spend as customers at your business. Honeycomb does not review the financials or offer credit to businesses in the loyalty bonds program.

Where do I buy Loyalty Bonds?

You can learn more about buying Loyalty Bonds here.


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