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Show up for Cleveland small businesses by contributing to our $15,000 goal for the Small Business Relief Fund

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We're launching a second round of the Small Business Relief Fund to raise $15,000.

Earlier this year, Harness Cycle and Ohio City Incorporated teamed up to create a small business grant program to support businesses impacted by COVID-19.

With support from the community, we were able to raise $15,000 and awarded 10 grants to small business owners in Ohio City.

As you can imagine, the need for support from our small businesses was significant both then and now, and we were not able to support everyone from the large number of applications received.

Now, Harness Cycle and Ohio City Incorporated are partnering with Honeycomb Credit to raise a minimum of $15,000, providing $1,500 grants to 10+ small businesses in Ohio City!

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Life-changing grants for Ohio City small businesses during COVID

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I am humbled to have been considered and then so very grateful to receive these funds. I used the funds on a down payment for a new truck. I adore my new ride and for the extra help in making it a reality.

— Nicole Wilhelm, Helm Collective

Show up for Cleveland small businesses. Donate today.

Support our local small businesses by donating directly to the Small Business Relief Fund. Or buy merch that contributes to the fund here.


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