A Partnership for All Yinz.

Two Pittsburgh startups, Honeycomb Credit and Sustainible, are offering resources to help Southwestern Pennsylvania small businesses grow and thrive.


Here's how it works:

Sustainible IO offers business model assessments to businesses. After filling out a 10 minute assessment, a business owner receives personalized resources to take their business to the next level including tools to write a business plan or social media plans.


As a loan crowdfunding platform with a deep footprint across southwestern Pennsylvania, Honeycomb Credit provides fast, innovative, and fair funding that connects local businesses to their customers and community members willing to invest in their growth.

Through this partnership, small businesses can get support unlike anything a bank can offer. With Sustainible and Honeycomb Credit, businesses can get ready to take on capital and raise funds that grow their community, all in one package.

A clear roadmap for Pennsylvania small businesses

Two Pittsburgh startups are strengthening the small business growth and lending ecosystem, together.  Honeycomb and Sustainbile are joining forces to help small businesses in Pittsburgh and beyond gain access to fair investment dollars.


From equipping small businesses with the resources they need to grow to connecting them to the funding with which to do it, this partnership will help grow the region's small business landscape and the local economy.


Learn more about Honeycomb's Impact 

From job creation to local small businesses making a nationwide splash. See more on Honeycomb's impact in southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond by checking out our 2021 Impact Report!