How 3 brothers built an artisanal pickle empire 



Meet the Owners

Joe and Will, along with their brother John, are the owners of the Pittsburgh Pickle Company. The brothers wanted to purchase pickling equipment to grow their business.

The brothers worked with Honeycomb Credit to raise $50,000—by borrowing directly from their customers, fans, and community.

The brothers decided to run a crowdfinancing campaign with Honeycomb Credit to raise money for some big pieces of pickling equipment. When the brothers just started off, they were processing vegetables and bottling all of their products by hand. Buying specialized pickling equipment would dramatically speeden up their production process. The brothers also hoped to leverage community support and gather feedback about their growth project.

At the end of their campaign, the Pittsburgh Pickle Company reached their maximum funding goal, raising a grand total of $50,000 from their friends, neighbors, and community.

Campaign Results

New pickling equipment

The brothers purchased a $8,000 commercial slicer and $5,000 two-headed piston filler.

Brand awarenesss

The campaign helped them build brand awareness with their end-consumers and strengthened their network of support in the community.

Co-packing opportunities

The new equipment has allowed them to pursue co-packing opportunities for other businesses, opening up a whole new revenue stream

New product collabs

The brothers collaborated with 5 Generation Bakers, another Honeycomb campaign alumni, to launch the first retail-ready cinnamon pickle!

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