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A Seasonal Plan For Your Business’s Activities

Did you know that you can time your business’s activities to go with the seasons? Some times of year are just better than others for certain activities, whether it’s pop-up markets outside in the elements or doing a bit of spring cleaning. Here’s a calendar of some activities that make sense for different seasons of the year for a small business.

Summertime small business activities

Join in outdoor events and popups

Summer is great for getting outdoors - maybe you want to participate in outdoor events like farmers markets, music festivals, and food fairs, or organize your own!

Grow your outdoor space

If you have plans for an outdoor expansion or renovation, summer is also the time to do so. Whether it’s a new patio space, a beer garden, or maybe a new place to park your food truck, there are many different outdoor expansions you can consider.

Get your inventory ready for increased demand.

Also, if you have the kind of business that has higher demand in the summer, this would be the time to look into expanding your inventory.

Fall seasonal small business activities

Launch those fall seasonal products - apple cider and pumpkin spice time!

Fall is a great time to launch any seasonal products - here’s looking at you, pumpkin spice. Be sure to launch these and promote them - especially since your product is probably better than Starbucks’ PSL, and you know it.

Get ready for the holiday season chaos

It’s time to batten down the hatches for the holiday rush. That might mean upgrading your equipment or technology to get ahead of the chaos that’s coming, or other things to prepare. Stocking up on inventory, increasing staffing, or launching marketing campaigns are all great ways to prepare for the holidays.

Wintertime small business activities

Remodel and renovate your business’s space

All you wanna do in winter is stay inside, right? Putting forward those indoor renovations or remodeling are great winter activities - or something as simple as making some tweaks to the ambiance to invite customers in from the cold.

Working on your staffing and training

Hiring and training your staff is also great in the winter, whether its managing increased workloads in the busy season or taking a breath and offering a refresh for your staff to hone their skills.

Run holiday marketing campaigns

Of course, with the holidays, running marketing campaigns, promotions, and discounts can help attract customers during the winter season.

Springtime small business activities

Refresh your outdoor marketing campaigns

As the weather gets warmer and people get outside, this might be the time for some outdoor advertising campaigns - be it billboards, new signage at your storefront, or something creative.

Do some spring cleaning for your business.

Also, we hate to be the bearer of this news, but it’s time for spring cleaning and maintenance. Give your space a deep clean, and look into refurbishing and maintaining your premises and equipment.

Refresh your digital marketing and brand!

Like with your physical space, you can also consider giving your marketing and brand a refresh - think about updating your branding, website, and marketing collateral!

No matter what time of year, Honeycomb can make the big projects happen.

A lot of the activities we’ve suggested are a bit on the expensive side, but can make a load of difference for your small business. If you’re looking to make some big changes to your business like a renovation or a marketing refresh, you might need some funding to make it happen - Honeycomb can help! To learn more about Honeycomb investment offerings, fill out the form below:


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