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Casa Brasil Celebrates Restaurant Expansion since Crowdfunding Success!

The party has been going on at Casa Brasil since their successful crowdfunding campaign last year!

Owners Keyla Nogueira Cook and Tim Guthrie have been able to introduce a bar area to their popular Pittsburgh restaurant thanks to a liquor license that they funded through Honeycomb. With their crowdfunding campaign, Casa Brasil raised $90,450 from 79 investors.

“I felt the need of having a place to call home for Brazilian cooking in Pittsburgh,” says Keyla.

Keyla originally began cooking Brazilian food to bring her son closer to their cultural roots, and then it began to evolve into pop-up dinners that brought in members of the community. Casa Brasil was opened in 2018 as a permanent home for the pop-ups that Keyla and Tim had been putting on that celebrated Brazilian food and culture. Since then, it’s become a community hub for music, poetry, and dance events as well as a hub for fantastic food.

“The community has been part of our business since day one, pretty much,” says Keyla. “Without community support, we’d never be able to become a permanent establishment in Highland Park, become a successful business, or expand our restaurant idea.”

Casa Brasil has been able to do all of the above, thanks to their ability to bring the community into their success through their Honeycomb campaign. Keyla reports that friends have invested and investors have become friends as a result of the crowdfunding.

Tim is excited about this growth, as he sees that the revenue from the downstairs bar will mean that he and Keyla can step back from the challenges of starting up the business and put their energy more into other community partnerships and putting creating energy into the business.

Now, their plans are to expand their drink menu, open up their patio for dining, and of course get their new bar up and running so that their customers can relax and enjoy the fruits of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Pouring drinks and building community thanks to small business crowdfunding

You can visit Casa Brasil at their Highland Park location, and enjoy a refreshing beverage on their patio funded by community capital!

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