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Good Food Pittsburgh: "Why Small Businesses Are Turning to Community Crowdfinancing"

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

An assortment of colorful juices at The Pittsburgh Juice Company

"For small businesses, who all have unique business models and cash flow projections, getting personal, one-on-one attention from financial institutions seems impossible.

But there is a simple, Pittsburgh-based solution: community crowdfinancing through Honeycomb Credit.

More than a dozen local businesses have worked with Honeycomb Credit to successfully raise funds for their growth projects, by borrowing directly from their customers, fans, and community. Projects have included: building an outdoor pavilion at Tall Pines Distillery, renovating Blue Sparrow’s new food bus, and helping Red Star Kombucha move to a new store location."

Our friends at Good Food Pittsburgh just wrote an article about how crowdfinancing with Honeycomb has helped The Pittsburgh Juice Company and Pittsburgh Pickle Company make their dream growth projects a reality! Read more here.


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