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Honeycomb Credit announces $1M Repaid to Investors, and $10M Raised for Small Businesses

Honeycomb Credit is thrilled to announce that we have met not one but two major milestones for the company in 2021.

First, we have successfully been able to repay $1 million dollars back to our community of investors dedicated to supporting small businesses in their communities.

Honeycomb investors are a vital part of our community, and continuously show up for small businesses seeking funding through the platform. 17% of Honeycomb investors are repeat investors, showing an ongoing commitment to helping small businesses, and 20% are small business owners themselves!

Honeycomb now operates in 16 states, and has funded over 100+ small business crowdfunding campaigns to date. These businesses include food trucks, tech startups, distilleries, breweries, restaurants, and even composting companies.

“I am thrilled by the incredible growth on our platform and so excited to share these milestones with our loyal users and fans,” says George Cook, CEO of Honeycomb. “Together we are proving that we all can have agency over what types of businesses grow and thrive within our communities, and we can do it while earning competitive returns and building localized community wealth.”

This brings us to our second milestone: Honeycomb has now moved $10 million across the platform. Thanks to a combination of a major fundraise for fellow crowdfunder WeFunder as well as our network of small businesses, we’ve been able to help entrepreneurs across the country to help grow their businesses and empower their communities.

“These investments are making entrepreneurs' dreams come true, creating jobs, and making our communities more fun and resilient,” says Cook. “I can't wait to unlock the next $10 million and $100 million for small businesses!”

Building Buzz, Building Communities

Since starting out in 2017, Honeycomb has been able to fund $10 million for small businesses across the country and expand into markets hungry for small business financing. We’re excited to continue this work in getting fair capital to businesses who are invested in their communities by letting their communities invest in them.

Join us in this work by heading to to learn more about how you can get involved, either as a small business owner or community investor.

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