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Impact PHL - "The Urgent Case for Investing Small and Local"

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Our CEO George Cook was recently featured in Impact PHL's Perspectives series for thought leadership in the impact investing space. In this piece, George walks through the case for why investing in local businesses is inherently impact investing and why, across the board, local businesses are being underserved by the current small business lending market.

A bar chart infographic depicts the slow climb of small business lending after the 2008 financial crisis

Come learn how local investors can transform a trillion-dollar lending industry to better serve all local businesses. Read the full article on ImpactPHL's website here.

* Crowdfunding investment offerings are illiquid and involve significant risks, including no guarantee of returns of any kind, and possible loss of principal invested. The investor should be prepared to lose their entire investments and there is no guarantee that a company will succeed.


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