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Prostainable Opens New Refill Shop thanks to Successful Investment Round!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

When Laura Yochum was looking to expand her low-waste refill store Prostainable from one store to three, she was in need of funding, so she turned to Honeycomb and received $70,900 from 55 investors!

"Honeycomb was my choice of financing for our small business because I really loved how we could get the community together, and people who have been inspired by our mission or who support me like my family and friends," says Laura.

Laura found the process of working with Honeycomb to be a team process - she wasn't on her own like with other platforms. "Every week, we had a goal, and it was my job to reach out to people, post on social media. It felt like I had a teammate, that we were on a journey together. It worked seamlessly. They won't leave you behind, they'll answer any question at a moment's notice, and I really felt they were on my side the entire way."

"My first fifteen investors were women," says Laura. "I couldn't believe that so many women were invested in me and Prostainable.”

Prostainable’s second location is now open, with plans to launch the next one soon. Laura's goals for the upcoming year are to stay focused on diverting 1 million bottles from the waste stream, promoting other small-batch producers in the San Fernando Valley, and building their internship program.

With your community, your green business can bloom

Want to make a wider impact with your business like Laura? Whether you have a refill store like Prostainable, a composting business like Compostable LA, or something completely new, your customers have your back when you’re ready to grow it! To learn more, fill out the form below.


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