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The Stay-At-Home Guide to Supporting Cleveland Businesses During COVID-19

Updated: May 21, 2021

The Stay-at-Home Guide to Supporting Local Businesses during COVID-19 (Cleveland)

Small businesses are at the root of every community. Whether it’s your favorite coffee shop that always makes your lattés just the way you like them, the local brewery that makes your all-time favorite beer, or the restaurant that knows your go-to order, we all have favorite local spots that we’re seriously missing right now.

As community members, we have the power to preserve these beautiful parts of our neighborhoods. We can make tangible, positive differences on a hyper-local level. And we can start this movement right here in Cleveland.

If you’re looking for ways to support local businesses, here are 5 Cleveland businesses that are going above and beyond to provide our community with much-needed services.

Help uplift your favorite parts of Cleveland, while maintaining a distance of 6 feet apart, in super simple ways!

1. Bakery on the Square is doing pick-up orders and offering 15% off to all healthcare workers.

Bakery On The Square is a family-owned artisan bread and gourmet pastry bakery located in Andover, Ohio. It’s clear that we all deserve a sweet-treat or two during this time and luckily, Bakery On The Square is doing contact-free takeout as well as offering 15% off for all healthcare workers.

2. Pope's Kitchen is offering free shipping on all orders.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Pope’s Kitchen produces the freshest artisan sauces, cocktail mixes, and bar products. Pope’s Kitchen is offering free delivery on all orders.

3. Sits 'n Wiggles is doing virtual training sessions through Zoom!

Based in Cuyahoga, Ohio, Sits ‘N Wiggles is a women-owned, professional pet care and dog training company in Cleveland that provides high-quality, compassionate care to your favorite pets, revolving around positive-reinforcement. Now, Sits ‘N Wiggles is offering virtual training sessions through a free online service called Zoom, so that even your pup can practice social distancing. For more information, call 216.910.7487 or email Sits ‘N Wiggles.

4. Go Buddha is offering free delivery when you order 10 meals!

GO Buddha Meals is a weekly meal prep service launching in Cleveland that provides affordable plant-based meals for just $10! Now, Chef Josh is offering free shipping when you order 10 or more meals!

5. Glo Cleveland Inc is running a campaign to help local businesses affected by COVID-19.

Glo Cleveland, Inc. is a social enterprise focused on experiential marketing, space activation and radical collaboration. Now Glo Cleveland has partnered with Universal Architect in the creation of the #WeLoveYou Campaign. With every purchase from the campaign’s catalog, a % of proceeds will go towards the business of your choice.

Support local businesses beyond a gift card

If you’re interested in supporting local businesses beyond buying a gift card or takeout, investing local is the way to go.

By investing $100 or more in a crowdfunding campaign on Honeycomb, you can support the future of small businesses in your neighborhood, while earning up to 6-14% in interest. Check out the live campaigns that you can be supporting today here.

Do you run a business in Cleveland? It’s not too late to join this guide!


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