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What Is Your Honeycomb Investor Profile?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

What is your Honeycomb Investor Profile Type? Take the Quiz to find out

Main Street investors are as different from each other as any, well, Main Street! Some people invest in local businesses purely for financial reasons, while others are more focused on making investments that have an impact and supporting businesses in underrepresented communities. Take the quiz to uncover your investor profile, and read on to learn more about each of the five profiles.

Social Impact Butterfly

Social Impact Butterfly investors want to make their Main Street a more equitable and vibrant place to be! These investors want to support diverse-owned businesses, especially in low-to-moderate income communities! Needless to say, they’re primarily motivated by impact investing and investing based on their own principles and values. Businesses that are seeking to spread their wings and thrive are at the top of their list.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Investors in the Won’t You Be My Neighbor Profile want to walk out their front door and see the businesses that they've helped grow right in their neighborhood. These investors see the value in investing in Main Street, whether that's supporting up-and-coming businesses in the area, or growing the businesses of their favorite local entrepreneurs. Investing in a local business gives them a warm fuzzy feeling, like putting on an old favorite cozy cardigan.

Wolf of Main Street

The Wolf of Main Street wants to have a hand in the growth of Main Street businesses across the country. They see the value in diversifying their financial portfolio by investing in Main Street, and businesses that have big ambitions for growth are at the top of their lists. Risk may be less important to these investors, but they’re always keeping a savvy eye out for the “next big thing” in small businesses.

Bee Your Own Broker

The Bee Your Own Broker investor profile wants to support well-established Main Street businesses across the country. They have a keen eye for the numbers, and are interested in businesses with detailed plans and projections. Most of the time, these investors are looking for businesses that are already beloved in their communities and have big ambitions


Honeycomb Hero

Honeycomb Heroes believe in the power of investing in Main Street, and we love them for it! These investors know that when you support a local business with your investments, you're investing in a real person's goals - not some nameless Wall Street stock. Any and all businesses appeal to them - these investors are primarily looking to build their Main Street into a more vibrant, financially empowered community.

Which Investor Profile Are You?

So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now to find out which one of these profiles you best fit into. Then, have you checked out the latest batch of Main Street businesses coming to the Honeycomb platform? Head to our Live Campaigns to see if your next investment is ready to go!


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