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#WomenOwned Alumni Spotlight: Flexable

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our women-owned alumni businesses. Each one of these amazing entrepreneurs has a deep connection to their community and is committed to helping women in entrepreneurship while running a small business herself!

As a woman and a mother in business, Priya Amin found it difficult to juggle childcare and work commitments, as many working parents struggle with today for sure. So, five years ago, she decided to create Flexable, a childcare service geared towards professional parents (which is now offering virtual childcare because of the pandemic!).

Flexable ran a successful Honeycomb campaign that went towards scaling up their business and improving the technology platform, raising $52,500 from 31 investors.

Since most of the time, the narrative centers around how difficult working parents have it, we wanted to flip the script and asked Priya, “How has being a mother benefited you in your career as an entrepreneur?” Check out what she has to say about flexibility, parenthood, and prioritizing time with one’s family here:

Working moms are shaping our Main Street and the future!

Every day, women-owned businesses like Flexable are working on solutions to help make it easier for parents who are balancing their personal and professional lives.

At Honeycomb, we know that behind every small business is a real person with their own ambitions, families, and priorities in mind. This is why entrepreneurs like Priya who have the insight that working moms have are so important to our communities.

Find more campaigns like Flexable at


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