PGH Pretzel Giveaway 🥨

We're on a quest to find the best soft pretzel place in Pittsburgh, and we're partnering with The Food Tasters and the pretzel queen herself, Twistburgh, to make it happen. With your help, we've narrowed it down to the top 10 finalists, and now it's time to vote! Along with crowning the top soft pretzel in Pittsburgh, we'll be drawing two winners from the entries to win $25 gift cards to the champion business!

How to Enter:

1) Check out the Top 10 finalists 🏅

2) Vote for your favorite pretzel place in the form below 👍

This giveaway will close on April 30, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST. Winners will be drawn and announced shortly afterwards.

* Limited one entry per valid email address. See Terms & Conditions here.

Pittsburgh's Top 10

Congratulations to Mediterra Cafe!

And the results are in! Congratulations to Mediterra Cafe for winning the Best Soft Pretzel in the Burgh! We'd also like to congratulate Axel's Pretzels and The Harmony Inn for finishing strong in the Top 3, and a special shoutout to Fat Head's Brewery, Friendship Perk & Brew, Industry Public House, Lorelei, The Pretzel Shop, Siempre Algo, and Two Fraus Bakery for rounding off our Top 10.

We hope that you keep these places in mind next time you're craving a pretzel fix! Stay tuned soon for our next giveaway.

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