Honeycomb Crowdfunded Relaunch Loan

Community-sourced loans to get your small business back to work

 🚀 Soar into the new normal 🚀

Complement your PPP and EIDL applications with community funds


Your customers will jump at the chance to support your business. Give them the opportunity to invest in your success and keep coming back for years!


Reconfigure your business model for the new normal. Whether you’re expanding online or building new revenue streams, strengthen your customer reach with lasting buzz.


Refinance old debt from growing and scaling your business, and reach cash flow freedom—so that you can work on your business, not in your business.


Crowdfund the capital you need to restock your shelves, buy new equipment, or bring back your team of employees.

Take the leap, land in your future!

As we enter the new normal, many of your fellow entrepreneurs have found clever ways to continue serving our communities. How will you reinvent your business to match the needs of the new normal?


We'll let you into a secret: PPP and other regular loans can only take you so far—a crowdfunded small business loan is the best way to engage your community of friends, fans, and customers.


Set yourself up for sustained community support for years to come, and charge full speed ahead into the bright future of your small business.


  • Raise $15,000 to $250,000

  • Interest rate starting at 5%

  • 45 day payment-free + 3 month interest-only periods

  • Ability to pause loan payments during an economic shutdown

  • No pre-payment penalties

We provide you with:

  • Access to Honeycomb's network of investors

  • Early access to funds at minimum goal

  • Custom advice from crowdfunding experts

  • Compliant press release + marketing plan

  • Automatic repayments to investors

Crowdfund in 4 easy steps


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Tell us about your business & how you want to soar


Talk to our team of experts

Jump on a call with our small business experts to discuss your application.


Launch and tell your story!

After being accepted, get your project crowdfunded by your community.


Keep your business strong

Make interest-only payments for 3 months, then principal + interest payments.

To learn more, check out some of our live campaigns.

Reengage: Local funds to complement PPP + EIDL

"Truthfully, learning how many people care about us and support our mission was totally humbling and wonderful. I had no idea we had that kind of community support. I predicted bottlenecks with both the PPP and EIDL options, so I wanted something reliable."

— Mary Jayne McCullough, Global Wordsmiths


Guaranteed response in less than 24 hours.

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