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Funding that is
fast, fair, and local.

Business owners who launch a Honeycomb investment offering get funding, community buy-in, and give everyone the chance to invest local.


Edward, owner of Bae Bae's Kitchen received $98,000 from 56 investors with his investment offering.

Local investors are hungry to grow your business.

Honeycomb Credit provides a platform for growing local businesses to borrow money from everyday investors. We support you every step of the way.

By launching an offering on Honeycomb, business owners can share their future financial success with customers, fans, and their community, while getting the funds they need to keep growing.

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Balvanera's offering stats



Savvy business owners understand the power of local investors. 

“Honeycomb was an important method for us because we wanted that community involvement. It's incredible to have local friends and supporters to hit the ground running and foster enthusiasm.”

- Meredith, co-owner of Balvanera

Our team likes to move fast.


Honeycomb sets you up for success.


Fixed Rate, 3-5 Year Term Loans

We’ve worked with business owners at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Our credit analysis team will work to find the terms that are right for your business.


Terms in as Little as 24 Hours

Our credit team will review your application and, if qualified, invite you to the platform at our specified terms in as little as 24 hours.

30 Day Payment-Free Period

This 30-day interest-free grace period gives you time after your campaign to focus on completing your projects before repayments start.

Get Your Funds Before the Campaign is Closed

Once the offering minimum is hit, Honeycomb can disburse funds for a small fee, giving you access to your capital faster than ever.

Automatic Repayments to Investors

We take care of all of the repayments and tax documentation for the life of the loan. Once the campaign is complete, you can focus 100% on growing your business.

Ready to take the first step?

A new recipe for growing your business.

 Honeycomb is a new way to fund your business by sourcing capital like you source your ingredients: locally. Launching an offering with Honeycomb elevates your brand, grows your revenue, and shines a spotlight on your success.

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Immerse yourself in our Campaign Experience 

We make it easy to get the most out of your community-funded offering.

Hands-on support from a team of small business experts

Working with Honeycomb unlocks access to a team of small business experts who have one thing on their minds: making your investment offering seamless, and your business a success.

Compliant Marketing Plan

Your dedicated campaign manager will coach you through the entire process, and craft a campaign strategy that works for your business and community while staying within SEC regulations.

Free, professionally shot campaign video

It's important to showcase your business in the best way possible. We'll foot the bill on a beautifully done video about your business and your investment offering. 

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 Let's chat to see if you're a match!

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