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Prepare for Small Business Saturday 2021: Download your kit and more!

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Download our Small Business Saturday social media kit

Remind your customers to shop local with our free social media kit! You'll get free templates for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Linkedin, and more!

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Small business owners Chad and Lauren Townsend, owners of Millie's Homemade Ice Cream in Pittsburgh, PA

Apply to Small Business Saturday 2021 Free Virtual Guide

Get views from thousands of locally-minded shoppers across the country. Apply by November 22nd to join our free guide! 

Some restrictions apply. We will notify you in 2-4 business days if your business is accepted.

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Watch: How to Get Small Business Loans when the SBA Says "No."

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“It took them four weeks to tell me ‘no,’ but it took Honeycomb two days to say ‘yes’”. 

Darren at Carter's BBQ in Cleveland framed his bank loan rejection letter. Now he has $29,400 to put towards his business growth.
What would 
you do with $30,000? Check our Darren's story below!

Businesses who Crowdfunded 

Meet some of the small businesses who used community crowdfunding to increase their customers, gain funding, and grow their business for years to come! They're now thriving in their markets and spreading the word on loan crowdfunding.

Keyla Nogueira Cook and Tim Guthrie, owners of Casa Brasil, a restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA

Keyla and Tim of Casa Brasil raised $90,450 to buy a liquor license

With 79 total investors, Casa Brasil kicked off their campaign with a huge influx of support over Small Business Saturday.

Small business owner Sherree Goldstein, owner of Square Cafe and My Goodness in Pittsburgh

Sherree of Square Cafe raised $250,000 to move to a larger space

Sherree used Honeycomb to fund her
community grocery store in 2018, and came back for seconds to move her hugely popular cafe to a larger location.

Small business owner Justin Strong of Strong's Cleaners, a dry-cleaning service in Pittsburgh, PA

Justin of Strong's Cleaners raised $25,000 to pivot during COVID

"After raising $25,000 on Honeycomb, I thought to myself, 'What else can I do in 3 weeks?'"

Jacqueline and Nathan Schoedel, owners of The Speckled Egg, a Downtown Pittsburgh brunch restaurant

Jacqueline of Speckled Egg raised $50,000 for restaurant startup costs

Jacqueline and her team crowdfunded $9,150 on the day of Small Business Saturday last year.

We built the toolkit for crowdfunding success

There's a reason why 83% of businesses that crowdfund on Honeycomb succeed, as compared to the 22% industry average—and this success translates into higher revenue, more buzz, and happier customers for years to come.


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press mentions per campaign


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# of Yelp and Google Reviews

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