Upcycle This!

Upcycle This! is a company that is looking to open its doors in the Columbus Market and be a pillar of the reduce/reuse community. They want to be the hub where artists, teachers and community members can find materials and attend/host classes.

Upcycle This! comes stems from a desire to see that what we already have is not wasted and thrown into landfills. Owner, Kate, not only sees value in used things, she sees potential art. At Upcycle This! artists can buy materials at low cots and use the space for workshops or classes. Upcycle This! will be a gathering point for anyone and everyone who is interested in art or the upcycle movement.

We are raising money to open our brick and mortar store. First and foremost, the funds would be utilized for rent/lease on a space worthy of our concept and needs. There needs to be enough room for a shop and event area to make the magic happen! We want to be in a location that is easily accessible for anyone in the area or region to get to via bike, car, walking, or public transit! Bring a limo, the more the merrier! This space needs to be open and inviting for ANYONE to come in and have a great time exploring/buying/making/partying!

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