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Pittsburgh Loyalty Bonds

Get the capital that you need today, and keep your community engaged for years to come. 

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Raise debt-free capital.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) and Honeycomb Credit are partnering to create the Pittsburgh Loyalty Bonds program, a new way for local businesses to smooth out cash flow and engage your customers.


Loyalty Bonds allow you to sell gift cards at a discount right now and gives your customer more reasons to return to your business for years to come. Through a generous $30,000 grant from the URA, up to 100 Pittsburgh businesses who are accepted into this program will get $0 setup fees and $300 from the URA when you reach your goal.

Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds build 

lasting community support.

Stronger customer loyalty

Connect with your fans + thousands of local investors in the Honeycomb network.

Neighborhood marketplace

Crowdfund alongside fellow  local business that are loved in Pittsburgh.

Quick and easy setup

Get your loyalty bond campaign up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Expert marketing support

Gain access to marketing advice from Honeycomb's team of small business experts.

Business Qualifications

  • At least 1 year of operating history

  • Strong social media and/or email following

  • Physical or online shop that accepts gift cards

  • No credit check or financial review

Loyalty Bond Campaign

  • Campaign raise: $1,000 minimum

  • Bond multiple: 1.3x

  • Term: 24 months with 4 disbursements

  • Honeycomb success fee: 6%

How it works


Customer buys a loyalty bond

Your fans and the Honeycomb network of local investors will buy loyalty bonds to your business on our platform.


They earn 1.3x in gift cards

If a customer buys a $100 loyalty bond, they'll receive $130 in gift cards, divided into 4 equal parts across the next 24 months.


They'll come to shop and play

Your loyal customers will come to your business at least 4 times in the future to spend their matured gift cards (and more!).

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Guaranteed response in less than 24 hours

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