Director of Sales

Pittsburgh, PA

Honeycomb Credit is seeking a customer-centric sales leader who is looking to scale a next generation crowdfunding platform that lets Main Street small businesses grow by borrowing fair loans from their own customers and fans.  

Do you believe that Main Street should come before Wall Street?  Are you passionate about helping small businesses realize their growth opportunities?  Have you successfully scaled a sales team at a high growth startup? Do you have deep connections and expertise selling to the small business community?  If so, come join Honeycomb Credit and together we can unlock growth opportunities for small businesses to build vibrant, financially empowered communities.

As the Director of Sales you will:

  • Lead and grow our team of city managers and lead generators to define and meet aggressive sales goals

  • Work side by side with the team to roll up your sleeves and jump into the sales process from lead generation to closing

  • Cultivate referral relationships to translate our community goodwill into leads

  • Test various sales messaging, channels, and tactics to effectively reach small businesses

  • Comprehensively track data, build reporting tools, and make informed decisions to rapidly iterate the sales process

  • Coordinate closely with the marketing team to build a reliable inbound funnel and create brand awareness among small business owners in target markets

  • Work closely with operations, compliance, and credit analysis to build processes to quickly and effectively move deals through the approval process

  • Collaborate with customer success to rapidly onboard and launch booked loan campaigns and ensure their successful fundraise

We are looking for applicants who are:

  • Highly energetic, optimistic, and positive

  • Biased toward action, extremely hard working, and passionate about scaling a technology startup

  • Data driven to their core and have an intuitive knack for testing and iterating

  • Empathetic with customers and teammates but not afraid to be tough when needed

  • Passionate about community building and supporting small businesses

Candidates for the Director of Sales position should have 5+ years of sales experience, including at least 1 year of sales management experience.  Experience in the following industries is preferred: online lending, credit card processing, marketing services, crowdfunding, commercial banking, or loyalty programs.

Compensation will include a base salary and commission, commensurate with experience as well as a competitive stock option package in a scaling startup.  To apply, please submit your resume to


About Honeycomb Credit:

Honeycomb Credit unlocks growth for small businesses. We allow locally owned small businesses to borrow expansion capital from their own loyal customers and their community. Small businesses aren’t getting the credit they deserve from big banks, so we’re filling the funding gap while turning customers into superfans who are invested in the success of small businesses that they know and love. More at

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