The ultimate Honeycomb win-win-win

Lift up your small business friends and get a reward!

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Main Street is Your Street. Refer a friend to make it shine.

As a small business champion in your community, you’ve got the low-down on businesses that would absolutely rock a Honeycomb campaign just like you.


Receive 1% off your interest repayment for each referral business that runs a campaign. Empower your street and make paying off your small business loan all the easier.

Cut your interest rate by 1% with each intro. Seriously.

For every small business friend whom you recommend and launches a Honeycomb campaign, we’ll cut the interest rate on your loan by 1% for a full 12 months. Plus, your friend will get their posting fee waived if they launch within 90 days of your introduction.

It’s a win-win-win for all of us: lower interest rates for you, unlocked growth for your friend, and more businesses in the Honeycomb family.

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You mean, I can cut my interest rate to 0%?

Yes! These 1% discounts can be stacked together. If you want an even lower interest rate, you can recommend more friends and lower your interest rate all the way to 0%.


How will this affect my investors’ repayments? 

While your interest payments will drop by 1%, your investors will be getting repaid the exact same interest rate as before—Honeycomb will be paying the difference, so your investors will continue to get their expected return on investment as promised!

* Any missed payments or defaults on your Honeycomb loan will disqualify you from the 1% off discounts. The 1% off discounts will come in a form of a rebate: businesses will make full repayments and receive an immediate rebate from Honeycomb in the form of the deducted discount. All referred businesses must launch within 90 days of the introduction to lower your rate and for them to receive a waived posting fee.

What types of businesses thrive on Honeycomb?

You already know what it takes to be a Honeycomb superstar. After all, you’ve got that secret sauce yourself! While we might be preaching to the choir, here’s a refresher on businesses succeed on Honeycomb:


  • Actively growing and looking to raise $25,000-$250,000+

  • Strong, engaged social media presence

  • Has a modern and functional website

  • Preferred industries: Restaurants, food trucks, craft beverage (alcohol), eco-friendly & sustainable businesses, fitness & health businesses, and other amazing direct-to-consumer businesses


Ready, set, win!

Introduce your small business friends to Honeycomb in 3 easy steps.

1. Pick a small business pal (or ten!)

Choose the businesses that you want to see succeed.

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2. Share our welcome page with them

Send your friend to to get started.

Level up your customers.jpg
3. Celebrate a win-win-win!

Enjoy your lowered interest rate and celebrate your friend’s Honeycomb campaign.