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Honeycomb Credit unlocks growth for small businesses. Our crowdfinancing platform allows locally owned small businesses to borrow expansion capital from their own loyal customers and their community. Small businesses aren’t getting the credit they deserve from big banks, so we’re filling the funding gap by letting everyday people invest in the small businesses that they know and love.


Bring the power of crowdfinancing to your community! Community Liaisons spread awareness of Honeycomb Credit to unlock growth for small businesses and foster stronger communities. As a Community Liaison you will attend fun local events and connect inspiring entrepreneurs to the resources they need to realize their vision. You will reach out to your existing network of small business owners and small business organizations to identify qualified businesses who could benefit from learning about Honeycomb.


The ideal ambassador:

  • Believes that small businesses are a fundamental part of our communities and deserve access to fair loans and growth opportunities

  • Is well plugged in to their local small business and entrepreneurial community

  • Is comfortable working remotely and virtually attending monthly check-in meetings

  • Is personable, trustworthy, and conscientious



If you want to help small businesses in your community flourish, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting two local businesses that you think would be a good fit for Honeycomb Credit to James Lomuscio, head of business development, at

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To apply, send your resume and cover letter to!

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