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Become a Small Business Investor.

Shop local? Try invest local. Earn returns of 8-14%+ by investing in small businesses around the corner, or across the country.*

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* This statement assumes the offering is successful, securities are sold, and repays as expected through maturity. This is a financial investment and there is no guarantee of a return; small business lending is risky and investors could lose part or all of their investment.

Discover set-rate investment opportunities from small businesses both in your neighborhood and across the country.

Join over 10,000 investors and a growing list of Foundations building and growing alongside small business ecosystems across America.

Whether you’d like to start with $100, $1,000 or more, anyone 18 and up is able to add small businesses to their investment strategy.

Put your money into vetted small businesses.

At Honeycomb, we take each business and each investment seriously for both your financial safety and theirs.


Due diligence is performed on each business owner. This includes operating history, business plan strength, and financial viability to de-risk the investment while supporting the business owner’s plan and community involvement. 

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Support communities traditionally underserved by banks.






In low-to-moderate income communities

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“We saw Honeycomb as a great opportunity to both help small businesses…while also growing our initial investment. We felt this was a win-win, where the money could both grow and do some good instead of just sitting in a bank account.” *

-Lisa & Jared

*Past performance is not indicative of future results

How to make your first investment

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Invest in your community.

The money you invest in a Honeycomb campaign goes to the small business owner.

They use it to sign a lease, purchase new equipment, hire staff or fund many kinds of growth projects. Then they repay the money and interest rate back to you.


The interest goes back to the community (you), rather than a faceless bank.

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Pip and Lola’s Honeycomb Story

Pip & Lola's soap shop had so much success with their first Honeycomb campaign, that they ran another one! 


Owner Samantha Story-Camp ran a Honeycomb campaign to fund the opening of her third location. She saw the value in letting her community decide how they wanted to fund her. She raised $99,000 between both campaigns! 


“What I loved about Honeycomb was that I could think of these people who have been supportive of us from the very beginning in a very tangible, ‘here's some money’ kind of way,” she says.  “I actually was kind of glad when I found out my interest rate was a little bit higher, because that meant my supporters could earn more.”

What business do you want to see on Honeycomb?

Whether they've been your favorite local business for 10 years or a brand new, innovative business that just popped up around the corner, we want to know who you want to invest in on Honeycomb!

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Investors' Favorite Business

Invest with your neighbors!

Join our community of 10,000+ investors with a mind for business and a heart for community.


Start investing with your friends, neighbors, and thousands of small business fans across the country.

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Cherrica invested in 2nd Semester Shop!

Invest right in your backyard.

Put your money where your Main Street is. Support the small businesses that make your neighborhood shine, and shape the future of where you live!

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