Inside of Kiin Laos & Thai Eatery, a Pittsburgh restaurant that brought Laos food to the city

Small business, big impact

Earn rates of 5-12%+ by investing in local businesses*

* This statement assumes the offering is successful, securities are sold, and repays as expected through maturity. This is a financial investment and there is no guarantee of a return; small business lending is risky and investors could lose part or all of their investment.

Graphic of Vicki, a Honeycomb investor in Go Buddha with investments ranging from $100 to $1,500

Vicki invested in Go Buddha

Invest right in your backyard

Put your money where your Main Street is. Support the small businesses that make your neighborhood shine, and shape the future of where you live!

Invest a little, get a lot

Get access to vetted, fixed income investment opportunities from small businesses across the country. 


Earn 5-12%+ interest* and get a whole lot more: deeper connections with your community and the businesses you love. 


The average Honeycomb investment is $1,000, and you can start investing with as little as $100.

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a. Businesses on Honeycomb have passed our due diligence and financial review.

b. Most investments on Honeycomb offer investors a lien in certain assets of the business. Check an investment's Form C for specific details about the security interest

Hand holding Honeycomb small business owners, surrounded by sparkles

Say yes to a small business owner's dream

When you invest in a small business, you're investing in driven entrepreneurs with an appetite for growth.


Get the inside scoop on the coolest restaurants, breweries, and rising stars in your town.

Investing is as easy as getting a cup of coffee

Small business investing used to be something only available to a select few. Now, anyone can invest in driven entrepreneurs on Honeycomb in 3 easy steps!


Pick a business you love, and start investing with as little as $100.

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Get paid back in principal and interest quarterly.*

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Treat yourself and celebrate with the business!

* Assumes the business pays as agreed. This is a financial investment and there is no guarantee of a return; small business lending is risky and investors could lose part or all of their investment.

Ron earned 11.45% on his investment

Small business owner Naomi Hoppel at The Pittsburgh Juice Company
Juice truck in front of Pittsburgh Juice Company

Ron invested in Pittsburgh Juice Company and helped owner Naomi buy a juice delivery truck.


Now, Naomi has two store locations, and Ron has earned 11.45% on his investment!

*Net ROI after fees. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no guarantee that other securities will achieve similar results. This is not investment advice or a recommendation of securities.

Try small business investing for yourself

Try investing in Driftwood Oven, a James Beard Award-nominated sourdough pizzeria that ultimately raised $150,000 from 70 investors on Honeycomb!


Invest with the best

Start investing with your friends, neighbors, and thousands of small business fans across the country.

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Lisa & Jared invested in 3 businesses


Kristi invested in Squash the Beef


Jono invested in Aurochs Brewing

Investor Testimonial - Sits n Wiggles 3.

Kelly invested in Sits n Wiggles

Investor Testimonial - 2nd Semester 1 (1

Cherrica invested in 2nd Semester Shop

Investor Testimonial - Speckled Egg

George invested in The Speckled Egg


Andrew invested in 14 businesses


Paul invested in Kiin Laos & Thai Eatery

Investor Testimonial - Casa Brasil 3.jpg

Alison invested in Casa Brasil

Nedjelko Compostable LA.jpg

Nedjelko invested in Compostable LA

Yuri PJC.png

Yuri invested in 3 businesses


Peter invested in Aurochs Brewing

Fink headshot.jpg

Lauri invested in 11 businesses

image (1).png

Olivia invested in Global Wordsmiths

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