Customer Reviews

Norraset Nareedokmai

Owner, Kiin Thai & Lao Eatery


Even before we opened our doors, a week, two weeks before, the media was already here. We're thankful for the opportunity to be mentioned as one of the top restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Naomi Homison

Owner, Pittsburgh Juice Company


What I love about Honeycomb Credit is the opportunity it provides for people who believe in our business to invest in us for a competitive return. Not only is it a great way to give back to our customers, it also has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for our growing business.

Scott Baker

President, 5 Generation Bakers


Our Honeycomb experience put us in touch with our customers. We were really attracted by the social media, attention, and energy behind the campaign. It's a lot more fun than going to the bank and asking for money.

Monica Grays

Owner, 2nd Semester Consignment Shop


Up until working with Honeycomb, I'd never been on the news. Honeycomb opened that door and allowed me the opportunity to share my story.

Chad & Lauren Townsend

Owners, Millie's Homemade Ice Cream


At least once a week, we have someone who comes up to us and says, "Oh hey, I'd like to meet you, I invested through Honeycomb." It's definitely shown to be a community and network.

Will Patterson

Owner, Pittsburgh Pickle Company


The funding really allowed us to pull the trigger. I don’t know if we would’ve ever done co-packing without the loan, and now, co-packing could represent a very significant portion of our revenue stream.

Lauri F.

Community Investor


I love knowing that I'm investing local and it has an impact right in my backyard.

Andrew S.

Community Investor


The only serious option I've found for investing locally! I've been wanting something like this since before it existed. I think I've now invested in 10 different companies/projects and plan to invest in more.

Paul L.

Community Investor


Very dependable way to invest in your local businesses. The return on investment offered was very reasonable and Honeycomb Credit made the whole investment very easy. Highly recommend!

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