How do you want to grow your business?

Blue Sparrow raised $10,400 to expand their food truck fleet

Buying equipment

Opening a new store

Refinancing high interest debt

Meet the pickle brothers.

Will, John, and Joe spent 2 years perfecting pickle recipes and founded The Pittsburgh Pickle Company in 2014.


At the start, the brothers were slicing cucumbers and bottling all their products by hand.


As customer demand grew, they realized they needed some equipment to help speed up production.

Raised $50,000 from their community

The brothers decided to run a crowdfunding campaign on Honeycomb to raise money for large co-packing equipment. They raised $50,000 with the support of 33 community investors!

Got equipment and a whole lot more!

  • New commercial slicer + piston filling equipment

  • Building upgrades

  • More brand awareness + network of support

  • Co-packing as a significant new revenue stream

  • New product collaborations

Crowdfund a loan of $10,000 to $100,000

from your biggest fans

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