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Honeycomb Statistics 

Small businesses see a 60% average revenue increase after running a Honeycomb campaign. This has been found by comparing Form C revenues in the year that a business files and one year after a business files.


Honeycomb Credit has an 80% crowdfunding success rate as of Q2 2022, based on internal data.


The average crowdfunding success rate of the industry is 23%, as cited by


A business sees an average of 80% increase in press mentions when they run a Honeycomb Credit campaign, and 40% increase in Yelp and Google Reviews, based on internal data.


49% of Honeycomb campaigns are women-owned, according to our 2021 Impact Report.


24% of Honeycomb campaigns are minority-owned, according to our 2021 Impact Report.


46% of Honeycomb campaigns are in low-to-moderate income communities, according to our 2021 Impact Report.

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