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Honeycomb Credit is a platform for good.

We believe that anyone can make an impact by investing in small businesses that are crowdfunding their growth using Honeycomb's platform!

Learn more about how you can make small business owners' dreams come true below.

Check out our 2022 Impact Report!

Get all the details of Honeycomb's impact in 2021! Below are some highlights.

  • $10.9M+ invested in local businesses

  • 11,000 investments

  • 175 loan campaigns

  • 83% of campaigns funded

  • $1.7M+ already repaid to investors

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Learn more about our fund-matching partners

Foundations can invest in small businesses (just like anybody else can for as little as $100) that are running Honeycomb campaigns. 

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Access A Foundation's Guide to Investing in Small Businesses!

Every organization’s impact investing journey starts somewhere, and we're here to guide you.

Foundations and mission-driven lenders are choosing Honeycomb as the place to make an impact.

Join our impact investor community and align your investments with your mission.

Check out Impact campaigns that are live on the platform right now!  

Meet the entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge of their industries, and are growing their businesses with Honeycomb.

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Read more about our impact in Forbes!

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