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Looking to fix up your shop?

Let's raise your funds together!

Renovating your storefront is a huge step for your business. Honeycomb Credit and the URA are launching the PGH LIFTS program to make the process affordable, fun, and great for business.

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LIFTS Program

The Local Investment for Tomorrow’s Streetscapes (LIFTS) program helps small businesses and property owners renovate their building’s streetface by tapping into public and crowdfinanced funds.


The URA Streetface Program can cover 40% of your streetface improvement costs, up to $30,000. Honeycomb Credit can help you finance the remaining costs, by letting you borrow the funds from everyday people in your community and the Honeycomb network.


URA Success Story

3623 Butler Street in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh before streetface renovation
3623 Butler Street occupied by Espresso a Mano after streetface renovation

3623 Butler Street in Lawrenceville before and after streetface renovation

Let's get started!

Schedule a short, free introductory call with a LIFTS program specialist from our team to learn more about how this program works—or give us a ring anytime at (412) 387-8467! We'd also be happy to answer your questions via email at

Inside of My Goodness, a grocery market in Pittsburgh

Have another growth project in mind?

Find out more ways that Honeycomb Credit can help you grow your business with the community at your side!

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