Invest in local businesses right here in Maryland

Honeycomb Credit and The Maryland Neighborhood Exchange are excited to bring you these first-of-its-kind opportunities to invest in local businesses in Maryland! With $100, you can make a big difference in the future of your neighborhood and community.

Shape the future of where you live

You don't need to have a million bucks to support local businesses:

just $100 and a little love for your community will do!

  • Help a local business grow

    Take part in making a local business' dream into reality

  • Earn up to

    6-14% interest*

    Do good while making your money work for you

  • Vote with your wallet

    Start investing with $100 and diversify your portfolio

  • Main Street over Wall Street

    Put your money where it matters, where you care

* This is a financial investment and there is no guarantee of a return; small business lending is risky and investors could lose part or all of their investment.

Wherever you might bee, investing is for you and me!

Explore our campaigns

Find a local business with exciting plans that you want to support

Invest $100 or more

Make an investment in under 5 minutes. Have your SSN and bank account info handy!

Sit back and relax

If the campaign funds, your money will be put to use. If not, it's returned to you.

Earn principal and interest*

The business makes monthly repayments on the loan. You get paid back quarterly.

First Investment Opportunity: The Wine Collective

The Wine Collective, one of the most exciting wine and food projects in the country, will be Baltimore City's first urban winery. The Wine Collective is a winery co-op and pintxo bar, where vintners and farmers from throughout the region come together to make quality focused wine under one roof in a revitalized warehouse in Hampden.

Learn more about The Wine Collective and how you can become an investor in the future of Maryland wine at our campaign launch event.

Am I allowed to invest?

Yes! You don't have to be a millionaire to invest in local businesses. All you need is to be 18 years or older and have a U.S. tax identification number.

What do I need to make an investment?

Making an investment on Honeycomb takes less than 5 minutes! Be sure to have your Social Security Number and bank account info handy.


"By investing on Honeycomb, I can be more than just a fan of local businesses, I can be a stakeholder in their success and a true ambassador in my community."

Matt J

Invested in The Pittsburgh Juice Company to help them buy a refrigerated juice truck

pittsburgh juice company truck

About Honeycomb


Honeycomb Credit connects small businesses looking for expansion loans with community members who want to invest local. By investing $100 or more, you can support the growth of local businesses in your community!

About The Maryland Neighborhood Exchange

The Maryland Neighborhood Exchange (an initiative of the MD Philanthropy Network’s fiscally sponsored project, Community Wealth Builders) aims to facilitate grassroots investing in the state’s most promising locally owned business enterprises. Specifically, the Exchange educates and mobilizes local businesses and grassroots investors, with the goal of facilitating their relationships on Title III crowdfunding sites. 

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