• George Cook

Honeycomb in the News

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Four of the Honeycomb Credit founders and employees stand side-by-side in the office

We're excited to share The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's article about Honeycomb and our mission.

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"During a six-hour drive home from a networking meet-up in New York City two years ago, Dartmouth business school friends George Cook and Ken Martin said “the lightbulb went off.”

They would take on the onus of revamping an age-old institution — banking.

Mr. Martin, who has had a lucrative career in London as vice president of investment for Barclay’s Bank, while also running a small chain of coffee shops and an organic juice company, wondered why financial technology hadn’t helped the small business sector in a meaningful way.

“Why is fin-tech making consumer lending better, but it’s not helping small business lending?” Mr. Martin questioned.

Mr. Cook learned the ins and outs of funding a business while working as a marketing executive for Transunion in Chicago and at ZestFinance, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based firm that uses machine learning to level the playing field for consumer lending.

But his true passion lies in small business."

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