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Smart Business Dealmakers: "Honeycomb Credit Expands Crowd Financing Model Beyond Pittsburgh

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Logo for Smart Business Dealmakers reading, "Meet the Dealmakers"

Smart Business Dealmakers interviewed our CEO George Cook about creating fair financing options for business owners and launching our crowdfunding model in Ohio and beyond.

"It’s not uncommon for smaller companies to struggle to find fair financing, especially when they need a small amount. Two-year-old Pittsburgh-based fintech Honeycomb Credit has stepped into this gap.

Under a crowd financing model, Honeycomb evaluates the business and gives business owners the tools to tell their story. Its website includes a portal to host campaigns where community members can invest as little as $100 and earn a competitive interest rate of 8 to 14 percent. They vote with their wallets on brands they already know and love.

'We’re bringing that relationship banking model back, but in this scalable way where the community is actually the relationship banker,' CEO and co-founder George Cook says."

Check out the full article on Smart Business Dealmakers here.

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