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4 specialty food products funded on Honeycomb

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

4 Specialty Food Products Funding Now on Honeycomb in front of a bakery stand full of pastries

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie and love small-batch artisanal goodies, you’ve come to the right place. Now funding on Honeycomb are 4 specialty food/drink companies that are dedicated to producing hand-made, mouth-watering goods that will leave your taste palette craving more.

Warning: Do not read if you are hungry!

1. Madeleine Bakery & Bistro

An overhead view of some strawberry danishes from Madeleine's Bakery and Bistro

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh Madeleine Bakery & Bistro is a small, family-owned french-inspired bakery.

Having mastered the glorious combination of patisserie and boulangerie, Madeleine Bakery is home to everything your heart desires ranging from fluffy macarons, full-bodied baguettes, buttery and flaky croissants, baguettes, seasonal soups, and of course madeleines!

Madeleine sources the finest products – be they local fruits and vegetables, butter from the Normandy region of France, pure vanilla or bitter chocolate from Belgium. You can purchase these delightful baked goods and meals at their location in Pittsburgh’s Regent Square neighborhood and 10+ other local businesses across Pittsburgh.

Co-owners and husband-and-wife duo Andrew and Abigail Stump are now looking to expand to the wholesale market!

2. Chaco Flaco

A man pours Chaco Flaco cocktail mixer into a glass full of ice

With a “Flavor First” mantra, Chaco Flaco is a Phoenix-based artisanal drink company that creates all-natural, low-calorie, gluten-free, craft cocktail mixers. Made from fresh fruit and veggies, Chaco Flaco currently has 6 different delectable flavors (Bloody Maria, Verde Maria, Michelada, Mojito, and Strawberry Bandita), Chaco Flaco can be found in Costcos, Sam’s Clubs, Whole Foods, Bashas’, and AJ’s Fine Foods throughout Tucson and the Valley.

Now, Chaco Flaco is looking to be the next generation of the beverage space by extending its product line to canned craft cocktails. These canned cocktails will bridge the gap between flat tasting hard seltzer brands and high caloric brands with three different flavors: the Vodka Berry Mule, the Strawberry Daiquiri, and the Mango Marg.

Co-owners Chuck Moore and Steve Cislaw are seeking investments to fund the initial product run and increase marketing efforts for the new product line.

3. Squash the Beef Catering

A hand holding Squash The Beef's Chick'n and Waffle Comfort cone

Based in Northeast Ohio, Squash the Beef Catering is a family-owned vegan catering company that cooks up one-of-a-kind soul food classics with a vegan spin. Their menu offers a wide variety of vegan comfort food that makes for hearty, satiable meals! Some popular options include “macaroni and cheez”, “fried chick’n”, vegan shrimp, BBQ jackfruit, the comfort cone (dirty grits, macaroni and cheez, fried chick’n, and maple syrup in a waffle cone), and Kale Lemonade.

Squash the Beef Catering can be found at multiple locations including local cafes like UnBAR Café (successful Honeycomb alum), Birch Cafe, fairs and festivals, as well as pop-up events in the Cleveland area.

Co-owners Kurtis and Candace Maiden are now raising funds to go mobile with Squash the Beef by purchasing a new food trailer.

4. Peer Pantry

A collection of sauces of various flavors and colors from Peer Pantry in Cleveland

Established in Cleveland, Peer Pantry is a health and wellness business that offers 4 main gluten-free, allergen-friendly sauces. These sauces include Lemon Tahini, Roasted Red Pepper, Spicy Cilantro, and Sweet & Tangy Balsamic. These delicious sauces can be used as healthy alternatives for marinades and dressings for a wide variety of dishes!

Co-owners Marcus Coleman and Quinton Reid are looking to become more competitive on a regional level through trade shows and inventory purchases

Hungry to #InvestLocal?

With as little as $100, you can help shape your community by investing in local businesses on Honeycomb and simultaneously earn up to 5-14% interest on what you lend. Learn more about these delightful foods/drinks and see how you can help these local businesses grow.


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