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Celebrating Black-Owned Business Month with Honeycomb Alumni!

Updated: May 13, 2022

August is National Black-Owned Business Month, where we celebrate and support those Black-owned businesses in our communities that make them vibrant and exciting places to be.

To celebrate, we asked some of our Honeycomb alumni to shout out some of their favorite other Black-owned businesses in an effort of promoting and lifting each other up.

Each of these businesses have run successful crowdfunding campaigns that have allowed their communities to invest directly in their growth, so they understand the importance of having a strong community of like-minded businesses around them.

Check out these recommendations from Honeycomb alumni businesses, and if you’re in the area definitely reach out and support these incredible Black-owned businesses!

8 Myles and Sweetkiwi (Washington, D.C.)

A graphic that reads "Spreading the Business Love #BlackBusinessMonth" and shows a line going from 8 Myles to Sweetkiwi

Myles Powell is the owner of 8 Myles, a comfort food brand that specializes in gourmet frozen macaroni and cheese.

8 Myles ran a successful Honeycomb campaign, raising $36,200 from 53 investors to expand his brand, and now you can find 8 Myles products in Targets, Whole Foods, and more across the Northeast!

For his shoutout, Myles picked Sweetkiwi, a frozen yogurt company dedicated to using local, sustainable dairy for their products through their “kinship model.”

“I work alongside this group at my production location and I admire their hustle! They make a line of froyo that's really tasty and are expanding fast throughout the Northeast,” says Myles.

Myles also wanted to mention a podcast he enjoys called Let’s Change the Narrative. “This groups of gentlemen dive into a number of social topics and give very unique perspectives,” says Myles. “The goal is to debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding African Americans, plus the banter is great!”

Squash the Beef + The Sweet Fix Bakery (Cleveland, OH)

a graphic reading "Spreading the Business Love #BlackBusinessMonth" with a line going from Squash the Beef to The Sweet Fix Bakery

Squash the Beef is a vegan catering company based out of Cleveland, Ohio that makes vegan comfort food for crowds of hungry fans! In 2020, they did a Honeycomb campaign and crowdfunded $30,000 to purchase a new food trailer to get their business on the road and expand their opportunities.

Co-owner Candace Maiden is also a huge advocate for Black-owned businesses in her area, and for women’s entrepreneurship as well. So, of course she had not one but THREE shout-outs this Black-owned Business Month.

Candace’s first pick is The Sweet Fix Bakery, a bakery in Cleveland Heights. “They provide a variety of desserts that cater to individual dietary needs such as vegan and gluten-free,” enthuses Candace. “The owners are absolutely amazing and they give back to many in the community!”

Secondly, Candace wanted to shout out Carter’s BBQ, a relatively new barbecue restaurant in Cleveland. “Although we can't consume their products because it is not vegan, we admire the owners’ work ethic and commitment to providing high-quality BBQ to the Greater Cleveland area,” she says.

Finally, Candace wanted to mention Shawnie’s Juice, a cold-pressed juice and cleanse company in Cleveland. “We love this company for their mission statement and their commitment to educating our community on healthy and holistic lifestyle changes!” says Candace.

Guidance Whiskey + Up in the Air Life (Nashville, TN and beyond!)

Guidance Whiskey, a spirits brand in Nashville, prides itself on not only crafting fine whiskeys, but also being an advocate for Black entrepreneurs in the spirits industry. Last year, Guidance Whiskey ran a crowdfunding campaign to expand their brand, and raised $120,000 from 240 investors!

Owner Jason Ridgel wanted to shout out Up in the Air Life, a luxury travel company targeted towards people of color interested in travel.

“It’s one of the best travel companies in the world helping people of color push their limits and ignite their imagination while inspiring us all to expand our knowledge of food, wine, spirits and culture,” says Jason. “I just got back from touring southern Italy with them and it was totally amazing!”

Small Business Owners Know about the Importance of Community

Which is why we love working with them! Each of these Black-owned businesses is making an impact on their communities through their great products, advocacy, and business savvy, which is why we should support them throughout the year - not just August!

Learn more about Honeycomb Credit crowdfunding campaigns at and fill out the form below for more information.


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