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Celebrating Black-owned businesses, today and everyday.

In August, we celebrated National Black Business Month by shouting out all the Black-owned businesses in the Honeycomb community. Meet these 16 wonderful entrepreneurs and hear about their stories of starting their businesses. Although only August is recognized as National Black Business Month, we encourage you to celebrate and support Black-owned businesses 365 days a year!

Meet Phil Knight, owner of KBI Auto

Phil is a Honeycomb and Kiva Detroit alum and the owner of KBI Auto. His auto repair shop has been a proud member of the Mackenzie neighborhood in Detroit for 20+ years. Phil has been working on cars since he was 13 years old and began KBI as a mobile mechanic.

Phil raised $11,976 on Honeycomb from 21 local community investors and was able to purchase a new car lift to reach more customers. Congratulations Phil!

Meet Shawnda Moye, owner of Biscuit Heads

Shawnda is a Honeycomb alum and owner of Biscuit Heads, a fresh, made-to-order biscuit pop-up company.

Shawnda’s passion for culinary arts started at a young age when she was inspired by cooking with her grandmothers. In 2016, Shawnda decided to leave her corporate job to pursue her passion full-time and start Biscuit Heads.

Shawnda raised $11,395 from 125 contributors through Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds to purchase a mobile food trailer! Shawnda is now in the process of purchasing her trailer! We can't wait to see her expand her business even further!

Meet Aaron Sanders, owner of Heavenly Chicken & Waffles

Aaron is the owner of Heavenly Chicken & Waffles, a Detroit-based chicken and waffles food truck that offers fresh, organic, made-to-order meals all for under $15.

Aaron Sanders, CPA and a professor at the University of Detroit, launched Heavenly Chicken & Waffles in 2006 out of his desire to cook "good food, not fast food." Since then, Heavenly Chicken & Waffles has been featured three times as the best chicken & waffles in the metro Detroit area by the Fox2 news channel.

Aaron is now seeking investments to expand his business with a second food truck and implement a Site Partnership Program that allows other food entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of the industry!

Meet Kandis Hall, owner of Studio iPlay

Kandis is a Honeycomb alum and the owner of Studio iPlay, a Detroit-based indoor playground in that offers art classes and birthday parties for kids!

With a M.S. in Leadership and Administration and an Entrepreneur Facilitator certificate, Kandis decided to open an indoor playground in the Detroit suburbs because she was tired of driving 30+ miles in harsh Michigan winters for a place for her four year-old daughter to play.

Kandis raised $10,000 from 8 community investors to purchase new equipment to safely reopen.

Meet Monica Grays, owner of 2nd Semester Consignment Shop

Monica is a Honeycomb alum and owner of 2nd Semester Consignment Shop, the first consignment in the U.S. for teachers to buy and sell school supplies.

After 20 years of teaching in Cleveland, Monica devoted a lot of energy to create a welcoming environment for her students. In fact, teachers spend at least $450 out of pocket preparing their classrooms each year.

Monica raised $10,250 from 15 community investors to open 2nd Semester's second location and hire more staff! Congratulations Monica, keep being the boss lady that you are!

Meet Myles Powell, owner of 8 Myles

Myles is the owner of 8 Myles, a gourmet mac and cheese manufacturer!

"Like many of you, I love food! My upbringing kept me pretty close to the kitchen. As a result of my parents demonstrating their passion for cooking, my interests in the culinary arts began to grow. In particular, the world of gourmet comfort food caught my attention. I earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and followed up with a Masters in Business Administration. However, I could not ignore my calling. I even made a short stint on America’s Best Cook, a special Food Network Series. Now I’m here to share my passion with the world!"

Myles is now seeking investments to expand across the entire Northeast region and launch a new line of Mac n Cheese bites!

Meet Keyla Nogueira Cook and Tim Guthrie, owners of Casa Brasil

Keyla and Tim are Honeycomb alumni and the co-owners of Casa Brasil, the first homestyle Brazilian restaurant in Pittsburgh.

When Keyla moved from Brazil to Pittsburgh, she longed to find home-cooked food like what she grew up eating. Keyla joined forces with Tim, a Pittsburgh native and DJ/Producer, to bring Brazilian food, music, and drinks under one roof.

With the support of 80 community investors, Keyla and Tim raised their maximum funding goal of $90,600 on Honeycomb to purchase a liquor license and new bar equipment!

Meet Anthony and LaToya Thompson, owners of The Upperow

Anthony and LaToya are Honeycomb alumni and co-owners of The Upperow.

This power couple started making custom clothing designs for themselves and their family, and people took notice. Eventually, they opened up The Upperow in the heart of Detroit.

Anthony and LaToya raised $10,250 from 33 community investors on Honeycomb to expand to the e-commerce space!

Meet Eleni Selassie, owner of Salon Spa Promotions

Eleni Selassie is a Honeycomb alum and the owner of Salon Spa Promotions.

Salon Spa Promotions helps promote hair salons, connects customers with salons, and helps salons grow their businesses. Eleni raised $1,000 in Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds from 11 loyal fans!

Meet Justin Strong, owner of Strong's Cleaners

Justin is a Honeycomb alum and the owner of Strong's Cleaners, a 90-year old, family-owned fabric-care business in Pittsburgh

Justin raised $25,000 with the help of 40 community investors to clean medical uniforms during COVID-19! Learn more about Justin's journey

Meet Kurtis Williams and Candace Maiden, owners of Squash the Beef Catering

Kurtis and Candace are Honeycomb alumni and owners of Squash the Beef Catering, a vegan catering company in Northeast Ohio.

After switching to plant-based diets in 2017, Candace and Kurtis noticed there weren't many vegan options at events, so they started Squash the Beef.

Kurtis and Candace reached their maximum funding goal of $30,000 from 76 community investors to purchase a new food trailer during COVID!

Meet Marcus Coleman and Quinton Reid, owners of Peer Pantry

Marcus and Quinton are Honeycomb alumni and co-owners of Peer Pantry, a health and wellness business in Cleveland that offers delicious, healthy alternatives for custom meal prep and gluten-free, allergen-free sauces.

Marcus and Quinton raised $13,025 from 28 community investors to expand regionally!

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