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Funded on Honeycomb: How UnBAR Cafe rehired all employees during COVID

Updated: May 7, 2021

After spending 30+ years in corporate America, Melissa Hirsh leveraged her savings to open UnBAR Cafe in Cleveland, a cafe focused on wellbeing and alcohol-free socializing.

Melissa was expecting high foot-traffic and lots of events in the summer season, but the pandemic put all those plans on hold.

She decided to launch a Honeycomb campaign for COVID working capital.

Melissa raised $30,675 from 25 community investors on Honeycomb. With the funds raised, she was able to rehire all of her employees during COVID, expand her menu, and start food delivery services.

What's more, she met fellow locally-minded small businesses through the Honeycomb network and has begun carrying products from other Cleveland alums, including Squash the Beef and GO Buddha!

Rethink your business like Melissa 🌟

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Soar into the new normal with our crowdfunded Relaunch Loans and Relief Loans, which start at 3.75% interest.

All Honeycomb loans come with the ability to forgo payments during a shutdown. Get started with your campaign at:!


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