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Games Unlimited raised $23,935 by using our newest offering, Loyalty Bonds!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The exterior of Games Unlimited in Pittsburgh with a banner and open sign

Games Unlimited is a local game store based in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood. Since its doors first opened in 1979, Games Unlimited has aimed to cultivate a supportive and fun table-top gaming community. It has built its reputation as the subject matter expert on all things gaming, offering services such as in-person consultations to hands-on game demonstrations.

Everything came to a halt once Covid-19 struck. Due to the lockdown, Games Unlimited’s owner, Kylie Prymus, was forced to close its doors and furlough his employees.

“I was worried about having money to pay rent, utilities,” says owner Kylie Prymus. “No curbside (pickup), no online sales, nothing.” While brainstorming next steps to help keep his business afloat, Kylie attended a meeting hosted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh. This was where he was introduced to Honeycomb Credit’s Loyalty Bonds.

Debt-Free Credit

Local business customers can buy Loyalty Bonds today and earn 1.3x of the value they purchase in the form of gift cards over the next two years. The gift cards are distributed in 4 installments (one every 6 months), giving customers a tangible way to support their favorite businesses. In return, small business owners get access to debt-free capital.

The owners of Games Unlimited grin as they stand behind the counter

Games Build Relationships

Although its doors were shut, Games Unlimited’s community was still as active as ever. As soon as the campaign was launched and shared on social media, Games Unlimited raised $5,200 within the very first hour and $11,085 within its first day. “Loyalty Bonds were exactly what my business needed. As a business that relies heavily on customer relationships, giving my customers a way to simultaneously support us during the shutdown and get a great deal on our products is a win-win for both of us,” Kylie shared.

In total, Games Unlimited raised $23,935. To give back to the community that supported them, they are giving away free games to people who need a little escapism.

Win-Win Situation

As you start to reopen your business, consider implementing Loyalty Bonds into your strategy. While Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds allow you to sell gift cards to your customers for immediate cash inflow, your customers, in turn, get a significant return on their purchase.

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