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Honeycomb and Crowd-Max Partner to Support Businesses at All Stages of Crowdfunding

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Bill Huston is the president of Crowd-Max, a platform that helps prepare small businesses for crowdfunding

Honeycomb Credit is partnering up with Crowd-Max to better support small businesses at all stages of their crowdfunding journey!

While Honeycomb has a proven track record of getting small businesses fair access to capital through crowdfunding, not all businesses are ready for the challenge of crowdfunding. Crowd-Max helps these small businesses organize themselves, build their crowd, and get ready for crowdfunding through their online resources and their Crowd-Fit incubator program.

Bill Huston is the founder and president of Crowd-Max, and works with entrepreneurs to get themselves ready for crowdfunding. He was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 19 crowdfunding experts in 2014.

Some businesses that are interested in crowdfunding might not be ready to go through the processes. There can be several factors to this - they don’t have a solid plan for the capital they wish to raise, they don’t have a large enough crowd to support a crowdfunding campaign, or they don’t have a strong marketing plan. This is where Crowd-Max comes in, providing resources and coaching to help small businesses get in a good space for crowdfunding.

Crowd-Max is especially a great fit for Black-owned businesses seeking capital.

“In a national survey conducted by the American Dream Marketplace the number one issue negatively impacting Black-owned business was a lack of access to capital. I knew that if there was not a culturally specific crowdfunding program for Black-owned businesses my community would be marginalized from crowdfunding, so I created the ‘Crowd Fit’ program” says Huston.

At Honeycomb, we’re excited to partner with Crowd-Max, because their services are designed to help strengthen small businesses’ crowdfunding knowledge and skill set, resulting in higher success rates and potentially more capital raised per campaign.

Community capital to take your business to the next level

Resources like Crowd-Max are great for small businesses to build upon their crowdfunding knowledge so they can have the best possible campaign raise!

You can use Crowd-Max to build your crowd and learn everything you need to know about crowdfunding, and when you’re ready to take the leap, head to to learn more about debt crowdfunding with Honeycomb Credit, and fill out the form below for more information:


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