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How Crowdfunding can Actually Increase Your Independent Business’s Revenue by 60%

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

It’s not clickbait, I promise you. We ran the numbers with the 200+ local business crowdfunding campaigns, and we found that those who’ve worked with us have reported on average a 60% year-over year increase in revenue after running a Honeycomb investment offering

How can this be? Let’s break down what a Honeycomb investment offering can actually mean for your business, and how it can grow your annual revenue.

Honeycomb investment offerings bring in more revenue streams for your business.

Often, independently-owned businesses come to Honeycomb when they’re looking to make big moves. Sometimes, that means opening up a second or third location. Other times, it’s opening a food truck, or launching an online shop, hiring more employees, or adding a new line of product.

Whatever it is, the reason these businesses do these things is because they’re inherently going to boost revenue by just being another mode of business. Business owners work with us with the intention of raising the money they need in order to make these things happen, and when they do happen they get to reap the rewards.

Honeycomb campaigns strengthen your most loyal customer relationships

Another way that Honeycomb investment offerings help to boost a local business’s revenue is by creating stronger relationships between a business and its customers. The whole Honeycomb model is that a business owner invites the people around their business to invest in its growth - whether it's their family, friends, or customers.

When people invest in your business, they become invested in it. What we mean by that is that your success is their success. And now that they’ve put money into the business, they’ll also become more loyal customers, spending money there and hyping you up to all their friends. This is another way that Honeycomb investment offerings boost your business’s revenue.

Honeycomb presents your business to a national audience - what a marketing boost!

While Honeycomb is at heart locally-minded - we want your neighbors to be the ones investing in you, so your business can also help elevate your community - it is also national. We have run independent business crowdfunding campaigns in 27 states and counting!

What this means is we now have a network of investors all across the country. They may be scrolling through our live offerings and see a business that catches their eye. Whether or not they invest in the business, they’re now aware of it. If the business has an online presence, they can purchase online, or they can keep it in mind next time they travel to where it is, if they so choose.

Boom! New customers, new revenue.

Do you see now how a Honeycomb investment offering can boost your revenue?

If your goal for your business is to grow your revenue streams, but you’re feeling a bit stagnant, a Honeycomb investment offering could be that boost to get you there! Want to learn more? Fill out the form below:


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