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  • Calla Norman

How Three Small Businesses in Atlanta are Beating Inflation

Bread Is Good Bakery in Atlanta Georgia

Of all the pressures small businesses are facing these days, inflation might be one of the most present, causing prices to go up and in some cases slower business. Yet, still some small businesses are growing - how is that? Find out how three Atlanta small businesses are growing in spite of stifling inflation.

Bread is Good

Baker Sarah Dodge has been a pastry chef in Atlanta for over 12 years, and left to pursue her passion of sourdough bread. Since opening, Bread Is Good has grown an immense following, so much that Sarah decided it was time to open a brick-and-mortar bakery, which she is going to name Colette, after the famous French author. Bread is Good raised $100,000 from 73 investors in the Atlanta community to finance the build-out of Sarah’s dream bakery.

Bee My Blessing

Michael Carr, also known as The Abundant Life Broker, started Bee My Blessing as a way of combining his love of beekeeping with his passion for social impact in the Atlanta area. Bee My Blessing produces honey that different community organizations like schools and churches can sell for fundraising efforts. Michael ran a Honeycomb campaign to grow Bee My Blessing’s capacity, and ended up raising $48,020 from 43 investors, so now he can continue to spread sweet blessings across Atlanta.


After only five months of operation, VSoul was already being recognized as a “Best in Georgia” restaurant. Owners Shay and Derrick chose to grow by upgrading their kitchen’s equipment - and they raised $$24,450 from 24 investors! Now they can continue to cook amazing Southern soul food for the Atlanta community and become a local favorite.

How Honeycomb Campaigns Beat Inflation

As inflation causes interest rates to rise everywhere, they stay the same at Honeycomb Credit because we have a fixed-income interest rate. This means that when you run a Honeycomb campaign and meet your goals through your community’s investment in your business, you know that your interest rate won’t change.

If you took out a loan from a bank, there’s a very good chance that that interest rate would fluctuate based on what the prime rate is at the time - and that kind of unpredictability is something that a small business owner like you just doesn’t need, right? You can beat inflation and get some peace of mind by running a Honeycomb campaign!

Inflation-proof your Atlanta Small Business

And run a Honeycomb campaign! Learn more about Honeycomb by filling out the form below.

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