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How Three Local Businesses in Jacksonville are Beating Inflation

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Regard Libations in Jacksonville, Florida

There’s something big happening in Jacksonville - and it’s happening with small businesses! Check out these stories from Jacksonville local businesses that are growing with community investment and with foundation investment!

The not-so-secret boost for Jacksonville independent businesses

Is that they can not only get investments from their customers, family and friends with Honeycomb, but they can also get large investments from foundations like Souls Grown Deep and the Jessie Ball Dupont Foundation, who are investing in certain local businesses in Jacksonville!

Regard Libations

Regard Libations is taking the party on the road, growing their mobile bartending service with a new trailer! This woman- and LGBTQ+-owned independent business provides a consistent and luxurious service for their clients, and they’ve already raised over $11,000 in investments from their community!

Cultural Kitchen and Catering

Cultural Kitchen and Catering is a fusion of Caribbean and German cultures in a delicious restaurant! Originally two separate food trucks, the owners Rovetkey and Annet came together and eventually opened a brick-and-mortar of their own. They raised $51,000 from 28 investors to upgrade their kitchen so they can better serve their loyal customers!

Irie Diner

Peter Jackson, owner of Irie Diner, decided to fund the buildout of his new outdoor space with a Honeycomb campaign! This pan-Caribbean diner raised $66,045 from 37 investors, and soon its customers can enjoy its flavorful food outside in the Jacksonville, Florida air.

So how does a Honeycomb investment campaign beat inflation?

If you take out a loan from a bank, you might not know what you’re paying month-to-month because the interest rate will fluctuate based on the prime rate. Well, you will know that it’s going up and up, thanks to inflation.

Honeycomb’s interest rates are fixed, which means they won’t change throughout the course of your repayment. And, we don’t see a cent of it! All of your interest goes directly to the customers and community members who invest in your business.

Grow with these Jacksonville small businesses

Honeycomb has had investment offerings in 27 states and counting now - is yours next? Fill out the form below to learn more!


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