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How to Find Investors for Your Craft Brewery

Updated: 5 days ago

Are you ready to take your brewing to the next level? Well, you're going to need some funding. A startup brewery needs between $500,000 and $1 million to open, so unless you're independently wealthy, you're probably going to need to find some investors.

Who wants to invest in breweries?

Doctor Draft

A Doctor Draft is a professional in another industry who has always wanted to own a brewery but has never had the time, skill, or energy to put the work in themselves.

Brandon Beer Buff

There are so many hobbyists out there who are not only passionate about beer, but they’re also passionate about their communities and keeping local breweries afloat. Find one, and they might be interested in investing in your brewery!

Industry Ivan

This investor type is often someone already in the craft beer industry, or in a related field like malting or hops farming. Often an Industry Ivan wants to invest not only for their own financial gain but also because they know that by supporting you they’re supporting their own business’s strength.

What about crowdfunding?

A fantastic way of jumpstarting your brewery is by running a crowdfunding campaign! Crowdfunding through Honeycomb Credit is a version of debt funding where you can garner funds from community investors, who in return will earn interest on their investment rather than own equity of your brewery.

Read the full guide to finding investors for your craft brewery on Medium

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